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Android Pack – Download 4000 Awesome Icons

4000 Android Icons
Working on an Android app or just like the style from the Android OS? This collection of 4,000 Android icons should fit the bill perfectly. Simple, borderless icons include a wide variety of categories such as sports, medical, signs, food, technology, social and many more. Crisp, clean and colorful. That describes all of the icons in this fabulous collection of 4,000 icons. Easily recognizable, icon categories include weather, time, office, shopping, communication, social, arrows, transportation, currency, sports, food and loads more!

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Free Flat Interactive E-commerce Buttons

There are thousands nice flat icons and buttons out there with codes and instruction of how to make it. But I have not seen much interactive buttons that nicely designed and are interactive too. Either there are designs or codes that you can get. We tried to combine these together so make it easier for designer.

Interaction can make a big difference in a site. When you see a cliché image of “Buy Now” unless you are in a real need to buy nothing else forces users to click and go beyond. However, interactivity is how to humanize the technology. Interaction puts you ‘in” the site. Makes you feel and be part of context. This is a great way to improve ROI or response.

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